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How To Clean Your Curtains

How To Clean Your Curtains

Curtains are a magnet for dust, germs and mites. We usually leave them too long to wash them, thinking that they don’t get dirty. But this is a big mistake. Many will believe that it is a complicated task but the reality is different. So here we give you a detailed guide on how to clean your curtains and not die trying.
Before any type of cleaning, we must make sure that our curtains are washable. Many models can only be dry cleaned, so make sure first.

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Vacuum or wash the curtains
Depending on the type and model of your vacuum cleaner you may find a curtain vacuuming option. This is very useful for curtains that are dry cleaned. We start vacuuming from the top of the curtain to the bottom. This ensures that the curtain is not wrinkled. We can do this process several times for a better result. You can also add some type of antibacterial solution. To finish we pass a damp cloth over the entire curtain to leave it free of allergens and dust.
Remember to always use a face mask to prevent dust and cleaning products damage your nose.
Clean Your Curtains
Learn How To Clean Your Curtains
If your curtain is washable, then we proceed to put it in the washing machine. For colored curtains, we add detergent for delicate garments always with cold water. If they are white we can add some other stain remover detergent such as bleach. We also add detergent for delicate garments. We must make sure that the centrifugation is for a short time to avoid wear and tear or damage.
To wash the sheers you can do it by hand or with the help of the washing machine. First vacuum and with a microfiber towel and white vinegar dissolved in water. Remove germs and dust mites. In the washing machine add soap for delicate garments and a little baking soda if you like.