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How To Wash Your Shower Curtain

How To Wash Your Shower Curtain

There is always something we forget but this is a common mistake when cleaning our apartment. And the thing is that we are always used to clean things that at first glance look dirty and messy. 
While there are many posts on the internet dealing with deep cleaning. Not all them are about how to clean the door handles, the wall vents and the curtain in our bathroom. That’s why we felt the need to make this post about how to wash your shower curtain.

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Is it necessary to clean our shower curtain?

It is important to clean those places where we did not do it before as it helps prevent the spread of germs and is very important for your mental health. Every time we bathe, the water provides thousands of microorganisms. With the necessary conditions to reproduce. Mainly on the shower curtain, (since it is closer to the shower).
It can also cause the growth of mold and fungi of various kinds. That is why it is very important to wash it from time to time.
We can easily realize that it is dirty when we see that it has some discoloration. Or color inconsistencies with other parts.
Wash Your Shower Curtain
How To Wash Your Shower Curtains

Cleaning the curtain liner or fabric

Fabric Curtain are usually the easiest to wash. Like many of has as resistant vinyl to get wet without any problem. You can also cleaning together with towels or other garments in the washing machine. These will serve to carve the surface of the curtain. We can choose to use baking soda separately.
The most complicated part is cleaning the fabric curtain. Since we will need to do it with caution, you can also do it in the washing machine, but this time adding hot and cold water. We can also use some kind of fabric softener or green cleaner. It is always good to check the quality of it and avoid damaging our curtain.

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