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Open to providing the best Apartment Cleaning Chicago. Express Clean helps you to clean your home following the highest quality standards.

We know looking for the cheapest apartment cleaning in Chicago is difficult. First, there are so many options.  Second, low price sometimes just makes you worry about quality. At Express Clean, we have built our reputation on affordable but quality cleaning services. Our more than 10 years of experience backs us up, so rest assured that your cleaning will be impeccable from top to bottom. 

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and is filled with so much to see and do. Instead of spending hours a week cleaning, you could be out enjoying this magnificent city.  With so many attractions like  the Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium park, Field Museum, etc. So don’t get stuck cleaning and leave the dirty mess for our expert cleaners. 

We specialize in Airbnb, VRBO and vacation rental cleaning in the Chicagoland area. Over 10 years of experience in vacation rental cleaning, so we guarantee a fast and quality turnaround on your property.


Need one-time or recurring apartment cleaning? Our apartment cleaningservice handles all the basic cleaning needs. Take advantage of one-time, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning options.

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How our Cleaning Prices Work:

At Express Clean, our price range is based on several factors. For example: The number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the size of the apartment. Our standard cleaning includes mopping and sweeping floors, dusting all exterior surfaces, and cleaning the living areas, kitchen and bathrooms as well. Best of all competitively priced all-inclusive services in one day. 

Cleaning Products Included

All professional cleaning products used are included. Green products and equipment to optimize the cleaning to the maximum.

Best Rate Guarantee

We have the lowest rates around and provide price match guaranteed. Find a better rate and we'll match it.

Quality Cleaning

Express Clean is a reliable cleaning company. Our clients are our top priority and your satisfaction is our main goal.

Service Types:

Apartment Cleaning Chicago


Our general cleaning service consists of dusting, cleaning,  sanitizing every surface. This service covers any living areas in your apartment. It is the best in the market. Maintenance and cleaning are much more than just cleaning, it is keeping everything in order.

Schedule Your Cleaning

Most of our clients prefer routine visits from our cleaners. Depending on the pace of life in the home. Our weekly and bi-weekly services may be the best solution for you. You will have more free time to enjoy with your family. Plus you will have your home clean and free of germs and bacteria.

The general cleaning covers everything from cleaning your kitchen to the bathrooms. We make sure that our clients feel comfortable and at ease, and that their homes are always sparkling clean.

Apartment Cleaning in Chicago


Our Deep Cleaning service is meant for Apartments that have not been cleaned in over 45 days. With this service, extra attention is given to neglected areas.  Deep cleaning service will remove deep dirt and grime from your home. We take care of areas that are not usually covered by regular cleaning. We clean soap scum and limescale from the shower, faucets and kitchen tiles. In addition, we will clean the areas behind appliances such as the refrigerator, oven or washing machine. In addition, we will clean all surfaces in the house, including tables, countertops, appliances, chairs, vanities, windowsills, sinks, faucets, and more. We will clean the bathtub, shower, mirrors and toilet. Light fixtures, picture frames and baseboards: we clean them all!

Complete list of deep cleaning options

All you Need

In addition to our General or Deep Clean service, we also offer stand-alone add-ons. You can add them to any initial or recurring service visit. This is often the best option for those looking for special attention to be paid to specific areas of the home. Our professional cleaners use the best equipment and efficient cleaning products to ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of the home.

Best Apartment Cleaning Chicago

At Express Clean, we offer you the cheapest apartment cleaning for Chicago area. We do this without sacrificing quality and care. Our pricing is transparent in every step of the way. Which is why we let you know exactly what you’re paying for from the start. We will never charge you extras or surprise you with hidden fees. So start today and see the difference a clean apartment can make. 

Our experience in the field makes Express Clean an obvious choice for a cleaning service in the Chicago area.

What's included with your service:

 Bedrooms & Living Areas

  • Accessible surfaces dusted, sanitized and polished 
  • Mirrors and glass fixtures wiped
  • Floor surfaces swept, mopped and cleaned
  • Garbage taken out


  • Clean and disinfect shower, bathtub sink and toilet.
  • Surfaces dusted, disinfected and polished.
  • All mirrors and glass fixtures cleaned.
  • Floors swept, mopped and cleaned
  • Recycling


  • Dusted, sanitized and polished all the surfaces
  • Load up dishwasher with dirty dishes and sanitize sink
  • Exterior of stove, oven,  microwave & fridge.
  • Interior of Microwave Cleaned
  • Floor surfaces swept, mopped and cleaned
  • Recycling and Garbage taken out

What we can’t do:

We abide by strict safety standards for our cleaning crew. Therefore have set in place several guidelines for what we can’t do while out on job sites. However, if you have any concerns about this you may contact our office 630-425-0210.

The following is a list of tasks we can not do.

  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Lift over 40lbs
  • Clean Unreachable Surfaces
  • Climb ladders over 2 ft tall

Not sure what service you need?

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Additional Services Provided

Chicago Apartment Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

At Express Clean we know things get a bit messy when cooking. If you need a helping hand with your oven let us know. Even though oven cleaning is an extra fee, we will make sure its spotless. Our staff will degrease, wash and disinfect the inside. 

Chicago Illinois Apartment Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning

Refrigerators store tons of food and can get messy real quick. Aside from the mess, they can accumulate harmful bacteria. For an extra fee our staff will clean, wash and disinfect your refrigerator and freezer.

Apartment Cleaning in Chicago IL

Dishwasher Cleaning

Who would think our dishwasher could get so dirty. In fact dishwasher tend to be loaded with harmful build up. This can affect your health and your washers performance. Our cleaning staff will clean, wash and sanitize your washer. We recommend cleaning your dishwasher if it hasn’t been cleaned in 45 days.

Apartment Cleaning Chicago IL

Inside Cabinets & Drawers

Cabinets can be overlooked when doing routine cleanings. They are also necessary to be cleaned when a tenant moves out. Our staff will clean and disinfect cabinets and drawers. 

Our Chicago Cleaning Service is available in all Chicago and it's surroundings

Apartment Cleaning Chicago perform

Short term or Vacation Rentals

Reliable service to all AirBNB, Vacation Rentals and more. Short term or Vacation Rentals are top priority when it comes to turn around and we make sure your apartment is ready  before your guests arrive.

End of Tenancy, Move Out Cleanings 

Our move out/in cleaning is the most complete and extensive. Deep cleaning included! Apartment move out cleanings are essential to make sure a new tenant can occupy the space. It is also necessary and required by many landlords before moving out. At Express Clean we make sure your apartment is deeply cleaned and ready for the new tenants. All out move out cleanings include deep clean in the service. We have additional extras that can be applied such as interior of cabinets, appliances, closets and drawers. 

Recurring Apartment Cleaning 

Standard 1-4+ bedroom Apartments for one-time or recurring cleanings. Having a scheduled cleaning is the best way to maintain an apartment in the best shape possible. From our experience we know that dust and dirt accumulate on trims and moldings. If dust is not removed it becomes harder to remove as time goes on. So act now and make sure you maintain your apartment in great shape. 

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Best Apartment Cleaning Service in Chicago

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We clean for you. Select your service, enter your contact info, set the date and time. It’s that simple!

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Let our cleaning professionals take care of the mess.

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Best Apartment Cleaning Service in Chicago Ill


If you’re not satisfied with any area we cleaned, you can call us within 24 hours…

We’ll come back to clean it again!  

No extra Cost!

We are here for you!

Feel comfortable. We’ll take care of it. Our experts clean difficult areas of the house and will also clean countertops and kitchen floors. Check out all of our services! You’re sure to be amazed!

Recognized Services

We are one of the most qualified and experienced cleaning companies and we are so proud to serve the community of Aurora, Naperville and Chicago and all surrounding areas. We are proud to be part of the solution!

The Best of Our Services

Monthly Apartment Cleaning Chicago

Choose the day you want for our monthly apartment cleaning service, we’ll take care of it! Our monthly apartment cleaning is very affordable, plus the service is top quality. 

It is important that you have at least one monthly cleaning of your home. Remember that a clean home is a healthy and safe environment for you and yours. And our home can be full of bacteria, dust and all kinds of microorganisms that are detrimental to the health of those who live there. When you stick to a monthly cleaning program, you keep the air clean. So you will have a healthier home for your family.

A monthly cleaning service Chicago will help you make your weekly cleaning easier. You will need only  “maintenance”, meaning you won’t have to deep clean every weekend. Just keep the space picked up and clean. A little sweeping and mopping will be enough. If you have a professional service do a monthly cleaning, you will be able to concentrate on the more important activities, such as spending time with your loved ones.

A monthly service offers peace of mind

When you hire the best Chicago cleaning services, you’ll have the advantage of enjoying a home that is always clean. You won’t have to lift a finger, your home will be clean and disinfected making it very pleasant. In addition, a clean house is necessary for family stability. You will avoid arguments about having to assign household chores to family members.

Goodbye to bad smells

Whether or not you have pets, certain unpleasant odors may arise. With a monthly cleaning, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the pet’s area or the odor coming from the toilet. They will take care of everything. The company has specialized, environmentally friendly products and equipment. This to make your home smell great without exposing it to harmful chemicals.

Our other services

Exprees Clean use the best brands because we care about you

Frequently asked questions about our cleaning services

In the Chicago area and all surrounding areas.

All the people who work with us have gone through a selection process and when a new person joins us we do a special follow-up to avoid any misunderstanding with the client. We base our service on trust to offer it with long continuity.

We have our own drivers and vehicles to ensure that the transportation does not result in a higher cost of the service.

Go the ‘Services’ section you will see the services we offer. However, if you think you need any special service not specified here, please contact us so we can evaluate it.

Of course! You choose how you want the service, either you buy the products and we use them, or you want us to take it. However, for special cleanings such as an occasional deep vacuuming, we have specific machinery that we can offer you to support the service.

In homes for a maintenance cleaning we normally recommend about 3 hours of cleaning per 70m2. But it depends a lot on the frequency of cleaning.

You can stop the service, or if you want to keep it, as best suits you.


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