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How To Unclog Your Sink

How To Unclog Your Sink

One of the worst things that can happen to us in our apartment is that our sink gets clogged with food debris. If you have experienced it, you will know that it is very difficult to wash dishes. Since all the food is stuck in the sink and it takes a long time for the water to run out. It becomes a real headache, it is important to perform this activity every time we clean our kitchen sink. If this happens to you often, that’s why we wrote some tips for you. To know how to unclog your sink with simple things that you have at home.

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Why does our sink get clogged?
Most of the time it’s because food debris gets stuck and can’t break through again to let the water flow. The same thing happens with the grease we flush down the drain. Which is one of the most common causes of stagnation in homes. Thant makes your home smell bad.
Ways to unclog the sink
The first and one of our favorites is with baking soda and vinegar. Besides being natural cleaners and disinfectants, they also serve to unclog your sink. Add 1/3 cup each of vinegar and baking soda.
How To Unblock Your Sink
Unclog Your Sink
Until it starts to bubble, then pour it into the sink and cover it to cause a reaction. This will help to disintegrate any food debris or hair that is stuck in the sink.
Another way is to use a common toilet plunger. We use this if the sink is very obstructed by solidified grease. Or in case the water is too stagnant. For that we need to cover the outlets with a rag and then pumping over it. To prevent the scattered debris from coming out. We can also pour a half cup of salt mixed with a cup of baking soda to the sink. And then add 4 liters of boiling water to make it react with the mixture.

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