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How To Make A Green Clean In Your Apartment

How To Make A Green Clean In Your Apartment

We know that cleaning our apartment is one of the most important cleaning habits we should have. But, as time goes by cleaning becomes tedious and tiring. And not only that, it also affects our body. Since many of the cleaning products contain chemicals that affect our lungs. That’s why our experts took on the task of creating this post of tell you How To Make A Green Clean In Your Apartment.

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Use natural products

Most of the products, also to harming the environment, can affect us for life. Especially if we mix more than two cleaners at the same time. That’s why we should start getting familiar with natural products. Such as baking soda and white vinegar. These two are indispensable and you should always have them in your cleaning toolkit. Since they are cheap and do not harm our body over time. Baking soda is a multi-purpose cleaner. So you clean almost any type of surface. As well as white vinegar, as it has properties to disinfect and keep free of germs and bacteria.

Make A Green Clean In Your Apartment
How To Make A Green Clean In Your Apartment

Use whatever you have on hand

While it is good to have microfiber cloths, sponges and glass cleaners for cleaning. It is not always indispensable, since we can reuse the clothes we have and no longer use. As long as we keep them clean. This type of tactics are indispensable for small apartments, as long as it is a general cleaning. Our recommendation is that. If you really need to do a cleaning with conventional cleaning products. Always use face mask and gloves. Since the chemicals they contain can be very aggressive. And damage our skin, nose, eyes and lungs. We also recommend hiring a professional cleaning service. That uses products that care for your family and the environment. This way you won’t have to worry or make the slightest effort.

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