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How To Write An Apartment Lease Agreement

How To Write An Apartment Lease Agreement

A lease can be an agreement, in which two people agree to fulfill their responsibilities as stipulated in the contract itself. Both the lessor and the lessee need to follow the legal rights and responsibilities. Otherwise there may be a penalty depending on the agreement. If you don’t know what you should include. We tell you everything you need to know about how to write an apartment lease agreement. Also, you can check our post about the questions you should ask before rent.

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Why is a lease agreement necessary?

It is a legal document that helps maintain a bond between two or more people. They agree to comply with the regulations in order to be able to reside in someone else’s property. This contract is to protect the owner in case of any future problems. It applies only to residential properties. And not to real estate or commercial properties. The importance of this document also lies in the fact that we can put specific guidelines. Like if you approve to sublet for airbnb. And establishes the things that are not allowed inside the apartment. But we will talk about that later.

What should we include in the contract?

Before entering into any type of contract it is important to seek legal advice. That can validate what we can and cannot put in the contract. According to the characteristics of the property and your needs. To begin with we must write down the complete name and all the corresponding data of the interested parties to rent the apartment. It is also important to put the data of the person who is going to be the guarantor. The location of the apartment, as well as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms. Furniture (in case it is part of the rental), common areas and parking. It is also important to include the amount and the total of the initial deposit in case of any unexpected event.

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