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Winter apartment cleaning tips

During the winter months, we can feel how our apartment can get dirty faster than usual. Likewise, it’s time to put away the summer clothes and do the end-of-the-year cleaning.  That’s why in today’s post, Express clean brings you some winter apartment cleaning tips.

1: Clothes organization:

Summer is over, and it’s time to put away the cool clothes. The least favorite household chore is this one. Don’t store clothes directly from the closet in the boxes. The best thing to do is to place the folded clothes on the bed or a table so you can see what clothes you’ve been waiting for all summer and haven’t worn. Don’t keep them, if you haven’t worn them in three months you will hardly wear them next year.
Store your clothes in plastic boxes that allow you to see the contents, so that when the first warm days start, you know which box to take out.

2: Clean advantages, closures, and blinds:

Accumulated dust will turn to mud with the first rains or the humidity of the night. It is best to leave these areas well-cleaned so that this does not happen. Cleaning shutters is a bit of a chore. Use a pressure washer such as a steam cleaner.
winter cleaning tips

Winter apartment cleaning tips

apartment winter cleaning tips

Winter apartment cleaning tips

3. Terraces, patios, and outdoor areas:

Although these areas lose prominence in the winter months, their care and maintenance should be regular. We recommend sweeping, cleaning, and protecting the areas exposed to cold and rain. This will keep them in perfect condition and prevent dirt from getting inside.

4. Carpet and textile cleaning:

The last winter apartment cleaning tips are:  It is a good time to wash curtains and remove accumulated dust and dirt in summer, the time when windows remain open for more hours. For this reason, it is also advisable to clean carpets, cushion covers, and all textiles that remain exposed all year round.

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Winter apartment cleaning tips