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How to make your apartment look bigger?

We know that living in a small apartment can be difficult. That’s why in today’s post, our Chicago apartment cleaning service team gives you a series of tips to make your apartment look bigger.

1) Neutral colors
Neutral and white tones will always help your spaces look bigger. It is because these tones produce an effect of amplitude and do not cause the sensation of a full space (as it would happen in the case of dark colors).

2 Mirrors on the walls
As many of you already know, mirrors are the “must” element to make a space look bigger. Also, to generating that much desired optical effect, the reflection of these will help to incorporate more light in your rooms.

Make your apartment look bigger

Make your apartment look bigger

make look bogger your apartment

How to make your apartment look bigger

3. Carpets 
Carpeting is ideal to make your apartment look bigger. Especially when you have a small apartment without walls and everything is under the same common space. By placing a carpet, you will be able to delimit the space of the living room, the bedroom and the dining room.
4. Natural lighting
If there’s one thing that makes things in general look bigger, it’s light, so if your home has enough natural lighting it will look much more spacious. So, it’s time to choose white or light-colored curtains and open all the windows. If your home is very dark, you might want to get a good lamp and mirrors to give the visual effect of spaciousness.
5. Lightweight or multifunctional furniture
Better with glass. Display cabinets, tables, shelves with glass doors: they let the light in. Or fiber. A small armchair or side tables. You can complete with a ceiling or table lamp.
6. Minimalist decoration
Minimalist decoration is perfect to make yor apartment look bigger. It is a trend that focuses mainly on the use of light colors, especially white, and having only necessary furniture and objects. The minimalist style simplifies interior decoration to a small. This implies that the furniture will be simple, useful and of a modern design.
tips to make your apartment look better

make your apartment look bigger

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