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How To Make Your Apartment Smell Good

How To Make Your Apartment Smell Good

We all want our house to smell nice all the time. Especially if we receive many visitors all the time. And although there are many options on the internet on how to make your apartment smell good. They are not always the best options. since traditional aromatizers tend to be very expensive as time goes by. That’s why we took on the task of looking for other options which can be more cheap and with a better result.

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Natural options

Baking soda is always one of the options everyone chooses. Aside from being an indispensable product in our cleaning toolkit. It is very effective at neutralizing odors. Especially in areas like the carpet where most of the dirt gets lodged. And is very difficult to remove as time goes by. Baking soda, being a natural product, we can use it without putting our health at risk.
Plants, besides helping to make the interior of our apartment more aesthetic. Are also natural purifiers. They filter the air in an incredible way. But we must be careful.

Because not all plants are suitable to survive in enclosed spaces or with little light. You can check this post where you can find the 5 plants to grow at your apartment. Natural scented candles can be quite effective. As long as the ingredients you use are of good quality. There are many ways to make candles but if you prefer you can buy some non-toxic and organic.

Extra options

Keeping garbage cans clean is key to stop producing unpleasant odors. Clean them once a week with baking soda or a cleaner of your choice.
Also, placing biodegradable plastic bags in them. Helps to reduce the amount of damage to the environment.
Homemade disinfectants can be an option if you know how to do it. You can use an atomizer every day to scent your entire house in ventilated areas to avoid humidity.

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