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Remove Scuff Marks From Your Apartment Floor

Remove Scuff Marks From Your Apartment Floor

It is very common that the floor of our house gets stained, especially if it is wood or tile. We can create these stains by our shoes or when we move the furniture to do the cleaning. The worst thing is that when they remain for a long time, they are more difficult to remove. To prevent this from happening to you. Here are some tips on how to remove scuff marks from your apartment floor and how to avoid them.

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Before you begin
There are many tips on the internet on how to remove such stains from the floor. But they are not always effective. To have a good cleaning baking soda. with a microfiber rag. Or in the worst case, nail polish remover.
Removing scuff marks
To remove the scuff marks, apply a little biacarbonate in water and stir until you create soft mass. Then add it to a thick bristle brush and scrub vigorously. Until the stains are completely removed. We can also use a pencil eraser, simply rub over the stain and it will begin to remove gradually.
How To Remove Scuff Marks From Your Apartment Floor
Remove Scuff Marks From Your Floor
The same with a white-soled shoe, preferably tennis shoes. You will begin to remove the stain in circles until it is completely removed. For the nail polish remover it is important to do it on a part of the floor to see if it is not damaged. Be very careful with your eyes and hands. That is why we recommend wearing gloves at all times.
How to avoid them
To prevent this, we must avoid entering our house with dirty shoes. If you can put a shoe cleaner at the entrance it would be a good way to protect your floors. As well as protecting the legs of your furniture with covers. So when you have to move them with some strong adhesive.

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