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5 Plants To Grow At Your Apartment

5 Plants To Grow At Your Apartment

There are times when our apartment lacks a little bit of nature to make it feel alive. And sometimes we can’t have pets because the tenants don’t allow it. So we need to look for other options to give our apartment some beauty and color. That’s where plants have their place. You can buy some, but not all plants are suitable to have in a closed place with little direct light. We tell you which are the 5 plants to grow at your apartment.

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1. String of hearst

One of the advantages of this plant is that it tolerates any type of environment and does not require a lot of care. It has a beautiful heart design that makes it perfect for decorating your room. You can place it in a pot and if you want it to grow it can reach up to six and a half feet long.

2. Sansevieria

This plant with sword-shaped leaves looks great in your living room. You can also put them on a wall to make it look much bigger. They have a slow growth and are perfect in low light places. But you must keep in mind that in cold seasons they can die if they don’t get the heat.
Best 5 Plants To Grow At Your Apartment
Plants To Grow At Your Apartment

3. ZZ Plant

This plant is very special as it is not very common. That can help it give an eccentric look to your apartment. Especially in the living room, where people usually spend more time. It can be in low light places so there is no problem if it doesn’t get direct sun. Remember that it is important to water all the plants from time to time to prevent them from dehydrating.

4. Devil’s Ivy

This plant is a must if you want to give your room a more natural style. Its roots and leaves grow very fast and make a perfect vine to decorate any wall. Keep in mind that this plant can reach up to 20 meters.

5. Calathea

This plant has leaves with colorful details. Such as yellow, white, green, etc. These plants are excellent for home workspace. Since during the day its leaves are open and at night they are roll up. What can serve as a reference that you need a rest. They can be perfectly in warm and humid places.

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