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How To Remove Carpet Stains

How To Remove Carpet Stains

Most homes and offices have carpets of various sizes and shapes, and they all have in common the fact that they get dirty very quickly, but don’t worry here we show you How To Remove Carpet Stains.
Carpet stains come from our shoes, pets or when we throw something by mistake and there are stains that are very difficult to remove, but following these tips you can leave it as good as new.

If you need to remove difficult stains such as coffee, the first thing to do is to take advantage of the freshness of the stain and blot with a paper towel, avoiding scrubbing and only removing the excess liquid by letting it soak into the cloth or paper towel. Also avoid pushing the liquid inside as the carpet will absorb it and cause unpleasant odors, as well as the moisture will cause the spread of microorganisms harmful to health.

You can combine dish soap with a tablespoon of white vinegar and apply it to the area where the stain is located. Then you can apply special liquid for carpets for a deeper cleaning.

When you want to dry the area, you only need to add a little hot water and use a towel to tap the area until the excess is absorbed. You can help yourself with a bucket to squeeze the towel, repeat this many times until the surface feels completely dry.

Now that you know How To Remove Carpet Stains you can implement it often to clean your carpet on a regular basis. It is also important to have an expert clean our carpets regularly as they have special tools that will disinfect them and give them the necessary care to prolong their durability for many years to come.

Remove Carpet Stains from carpet
Remove Carpet Stains
How To Remove Stains from carpet

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