Fall Cleaning To do List

Fall Cleaning To do List

Fall Cleaning To do List

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. The weather, the foliage, the fresh air… It is just perfect. It is also great to do a deep cleaning of our home. Let’s remember that winter is coming and we will be inside our house for a long time. That is why today we want to give you an up-to-date Fall Cleaning To do List with today’s cleaning standards.

Let’s start by taking a tour of our home. If you have hired Aurora maid services your home will not need as much cleaning.

The Bedroom

  • Wash all pillows and bedding. This includes the mattress protectors.
  • Turn over and disinfect the mattress, if necessary.
  • Organize the closet.
  • Clean windows, curtains, or blinds.


  • Wash shower curtains or doors.
  • Clean the shower.
  • Check tile grout and fix them if needed.
  • Change toothbrushes.
  • Clean and replace hairbrushes if necessary.
  • Reorganize toiletries.
  • Do a deep cleaning of the toilets and sinks.
Fall Cleaning To do List Aurora Il
Fall Cleaning To do List Aurora


  • Clean the appliances: inside, outside, underneath, and behind them.
  • Organize the shelves.
  • Clean the oven and refrigerator.
  • Remove dust from the cupboard.
  • Throw out the expired food.
  • Check the spices.
  • Sanitize the garbage disposal with a little baking soda and vinegar powder.

Living room

    • Clean light fixtures.
    • Vacuum the couch and clean chairs underneath.
    • Dust all shelves.
    • Clean windows or blinds.

    It is necessary to clean all ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and doorknobs.

Outside the house

It is also recommended to do an outside inspection in this case you should:

  • Check the sealing of doors and windows.
  • Checking the gutters.
  • Pick up and store outdoor furniture to receive the winter.
  • Clean the grill area.
  • Clean up debris in the garden or backyard.
  • Sweep the autumn leaves.
  • Paint the exterior, if needed.
  • Wash the outside of the windows.

In case you are finishing a lease and need to perform a good and thorough cleaning you can hire specialists. So that you can deliver the space better than you found it.

Aurora Il Fall Cleaning To do List

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