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How To Remove Water Stains On Wood Floors

How To Remove Water Stains On Wood Floors

Sometimes we wonder How To Remove Water Stains On Wood Floors, especially if we are careless about drinking water or the situation is simply not in our control, (which is very common and happens to everyone).
Well, here you can find out how to remove those water stains from your floor quickly and easily.

The first thing to emphasize is that it is not necessary to take drastic measures, such as painting the wood or trying to restore the wood.
You can start by using baking soda on the stain that will remove it completely but you have to be careful because baking soda can be counterproductive if left too long, then you will have to add some kind of sealer to protect the wood again.

Another of the elements that you can use and the favorite of many people is the clothes iron, for this we must be sure that there is no abundant residue of water, as this can cause damage to our clothes iron.

It is advisable to use a cloth to clean the wet area before starting to apply the iron.

The second thing to do is to place another dry towel on the surface and pass the clothes iron multiple times checking that the stain is coming out


Remove Water Stains On Wood Floors
How To Remove Stains On Wood Floors

We all know that no method is infallible, so if this is not enough, you can apply both methods until it is the most optimal way without risk of damaging the wood.
Now that you know How To Remove Water Stains On Wood Floors it is important that before any other unforeseen event happens, use mats or some kind of special wax that you can find in the super markets to protect the floor, since it is cheaper than replacing all the wood. That is why we recommend you to hire a cleaning service with specialized personnel that will have the right tools for the different types of floors.

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