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How To Clean Your Microwave

How To Clean Your Microwave

Most of us use our microwave regularly, but we don’t give it much importance and forget to clean it, that’s why today you will learn how to clean your microwave in the most effective way.

We have to keep in mind that a microwave has to be cleaned every time it is used to avoid the reproduction of microorganisms that can be harmful to our health.

Something else to keep in mind why we should clean our microwave often, is that the residues of previous food can affect the taste of the new food, and odors can also permeate it.
To do this we must be very cautious and not use abrasive chemicals as they can worsen the situation and cause side effects.

We can use three lemons split in equal parts, and place them inside the oven with a spoonful of water to help release their juice while the lemons heat up. Do this for a few minutes while the water and juice evaporates and permeates throughout the microwave.

Another very effective way is to wet a small clean towel with a little white vinegar diluted in a little water and wipe all the corners of the microwave. Then apply a little baking soda dissolved in hot water for a deeper cleaning. Finally, remove the excess water with a paper towel and leave it on for a couple of minutes to heat the inside and deodorize.

These options can be very effective if used constantly, it all depends on how the microwave is used and how dirty it is. Undoubtedly it is better to hire a specialized cleaning service to save time and have a much better result. Now that you know How To Clean Your Microwave, you can check out our other articles that will help you in the maintenance of your apartment.

Learn How To Clean A Microwave
Clean Your Microwave
Learn How To Clean Your Microwave

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