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What To Do With Your Personal Items In Your Airbnb

What To Do With Your Personal Items In Your Airbnb

It is common that when you are thinking about joining and becoming an Airbnb host. You have certain doubts about what to do with the furniture. Valuable belongings or clothes you have stored there. And many times due to lack of space we can not dispose of them. That’s why the Express Clean cleaning team took on the task of developing this post. With tips on what to do with Your personal items in your Airbnb.
It is important that before taking any action, you make it clear in the description of your Airbnb. That your property as well as the belongings inside it, have limits. Even if you often have an AirCover endorsement. It is not always so easy to get yout reimbursement for damages by Airbnb.

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What to do with important documentation?
Very important documents should always be kept safe and have copies available for any mishaps. For this you should keep them in safety boxes with a code. It is also advisable to keep photographs or rings and necklaces where you can easily find them. A simple way to do a good debugging is to find out what kind of objects are necessary for our guests. Leave notes in strategic places where they say about the rules of the place. Such as bathrooms, rooms and refrigerator.
Take care of the furniture in your home
We talk a lot about things, but we miss the big and heavy things like furniture. For this we must be very strict with the rules. Avoid that our guests place containers with water, cigarettes and food. There are leather or synthetic armchairs that can burn easily. So we must use special coatings.
We also recommend you to place security cameras as a backup in case of any situation. This way you will avoid any kind of inconvenience with the guests.

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