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Tips To Clean The Attic Of Your Airbnb

Tips To Clean The Attic Of Your Airbnb

Initially, attics had the sole function of storing our things. A type of additional space to store the things that we do not always use. But with the passage of time has new uses to take advantage of the space. One of them is to occupy it as an extra room and what better implementation if we have an Airbnb.
We know that it is difficult at times to accommodate and clean. But with these tips to clean the attic of your Airbnb, you will forget about it.

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Clean and remove garbage
The first thing to do is to put on hard gloves and a face mask (N95) and start cleaning the whole area. Start by removing the boxes, furniture and all items that you no longer need. We recommend you to hire a residential junk removal. This way you won’t have to worry about moving or transporting them to the dump. Usually spiders or rats inhabit the attic. So be very careful where you touch or step, it could save your life.
If you have a window, open it to make the place perfectly ventilated. When vacuuming or sweeping, dust particles can affect our lungs.
Clean The Attic Of Your Airbnb
Cleaning Tips For The Attic Of Your Airbnb
Once we have vacuumed deeply and cleaned the furniture. We will proceed to clean the attic windows. With the help of a glass cleaning liquid that you can buy in any store and a microfiber towel. We proceed to purge the things that are useful from those that are not. We will need plastic bags or cardboard boxes. In these boxes we can keep the important things or we can donate them to foundations in case they are still useful.
In case of containing important documents. It is better to keep them in safety boxes or special waterproof folders. And keep them in a place where they are easy to remember.

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