You are currently viewing Appliances You Need To Take Care Of In Your Airbnb

Appliances You Need To Take Care Of In Your Airbnb

Appliances You Need To Take Care Of In Your Airbnb

When we are hosts, our priority is always to take care of our property as well as our guests. That’s why we resort to implementing the best appliances to our Airbnbs. Lately, due to high demand, appliances have become very expensive and very fragile. Making it very expensive to fix them if they ever fail. And we, hosting a lot of people in our Airbnbs is sure to happen more than once. That’s why we took on the task of making this post, with the Appliances You Need To Take Care Of In Your Airbnb.

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Microwave oven
It is impossible to keep our microwave oven from getting dirty. Since it is one of the appliances we use most frequently. But we can give it maintenance from time to time to avoid that little by little it stops working. First we must check the hinges and the outside. These parts are where non-food dirt is regularly stored.
New microwave ovens usually have the ability to self-clean. But we agree that it is not always enough, that’s why you have to disinfect the inside. For this we can use white vinegar dissolved in a little water. And with the help of a microfiber towel. This will neutralize bad odors and eliminate grease.
Coffee maker
To clean a coffee pot is a similar process to the previous one. Except that we can use liquid soap to wash the glass carafe. For the body of the coffee pot use white vinegar. This will help to disinfect the outside where it has more contact.
To clean our refrigerator is a little more laborious. First we have to make sure it’s off. then start cleaning the inside of the refrigerator with liquid soap and water. You can leave a packet of baking soda inside to eliminate bad odors. On the outside we will clean with white vinegar or a surface cleaner. Always putting the liquid directly on the microfiber towel.

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