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Emotional Support Animals On Airbnb

Emotional Support Animals On Airbnb

You’ve probably encountered guests who need special attention with their service. Such is the case of people traveling with emotional support animals. And many times we don’t know what to do in those cases. If you refuse the guest in case you have a no pets policy. Or accept and have doubts about not meeting their expectations or needs. Well we tell you everything you need to know about emotional support animals on Airbnb and the accessibility policy.

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Airbnb Pet Policy

Airbnb gives us the freedom to decide if we want to be pet friendly or not. Many times, our type of property does not allow us to accommodate animals. Either because you have little space or because you don’t know how to make your Airbnb pet friendly. Whatever the reason, we are not obligated to do so. But it is extremely important to make it clear. In the description of our property in the house rules section. The same application also offers the option to search for properties. hat accept pets and the rules that owners must follow.
Emotional And Support Animals On Airbnb
Support Animals On Airbnb

Emotional support pets

We know that emotional support animals are mostly dogs. These animals are able to help people with different abilities to carry out their activities.
These animals can be with their owners anywhere. Because, without them it would be impossible to fulfill their daily activities. In case you decide to accept animals in your Airbnb. You have to keep in mind that you should not charge extra for it. Also, do not ask for any identification stating that the animal is a support animal.

It is enough to ask the questions that you think are pertinent to know what you should take into account. Like what kind of needs the animal usually has in order to be able to help as much as possible. You can also take a look at our other post with cleaning tips for a home with pets.

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