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How To Keep Your Airbnb Secure

How To Keep Your Airbnb Secure

Keeping our property safe is part of our duty as Airbnb hosts. But do you know what you need to make it happen? Today we’ve put together a list of tech accessories. And everything you need to know about how to keep your Airbnb secure.
To begin with, we need to make sure how safe the area where we live is. Many times it is common that depending on the place, there are certain rules that we have to follow. In some states it is not allowed to record people with security cameras indoors. But if we are in a place where there is recurrent insecurity. We can do it in case someone unexpectedly enters our house.

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Security cameras
Security cameras have always been an important element when it comes to securing a property. And not only that, they also serve as a backup cause everything stays there. If you are wondering how many you should get, we recommend you to have at least 4 security cameras. The most important places to place them are the entrance. The yard and the interior of the house (living room and master bedroom).
Smart lock
Smart locks are a technological breakthrough. Since they not only allow you to enter by means of a chip card or by typing a code.
How To Keep Your Airbnb Safe
Keep Your Airbnb Secure
You can also do it with your fingerprint or through your cell phone with an application.
Doorbell surveillance
These systems help monitor your entrance through a camera inside the doorbell. It is an item you should use to keep your home secure 24/7. They feature motion sensor. Which makes them to keep you informed through the app when someone is outside your house. The more expensive models have face detection and night mode.
Automatic lamps
In case you have a property with a large patio. It is important that you take into account the placement of lamps. Or reflectors with motion sensors that turn on automatically. This is a great help for security cameras.
For us, these are the most important security systems for keep your Airbnb secure.

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