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How To Clean Your Airbnb Range Hood

How To Clean Your Airbnb Range Hood

Having a range hood in our kitchen has many benefits. Like not filling the whole place with smoke, avoiding the fire alarm.
keeping it in good condition is very important so that there is no unpleasant odor in the house. It will also make it last longer and you won’t have to change it. Whatever your reason for having one at home, here’s how to clean your Airbnb range hood

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Clean the outside of the hood
Remember that safety first. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. We also suggest that you test each product you are going to use in an inconspicuous area so as not to damage the material. Mixing more than two substances is hazardous to your health.
First, we will use a grease remover for the exterior, it can be the brand of your choice. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.
To apply it we must spray on a microfiber towel and not directly on the hood. So we can administer evenly the grease remover.
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Clean Your Airbnb Range Hood
Dampen a soft, clean cloth and wipe the hood. Never use any other material that may scratch the metal and cause it to lose its natural shine. Microfiber cloths are very useful in this step because they are lint-free. Rinse the cloth and re-clean as many times as necessary. To finish, dry with a soft, clean cloth.
Clean the filters
Do not forget to disconnect the range hood from the power supply. With the help of gloves, we remove the grid to clean it with paper towels.

Spray the grid with a grease cleaner. Let it soak for a few minutes in hot water to allow the product to work. If you feel it has an unpleasant odor you can use white vinegar with water. Besides to removing the odor, it naturally disinfects your grid. With the help of a brush remove the grease until it is completely clean and dry with a clean cloth. Put the grid back in place.

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