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Banning Parties And Events On Airbnb

Banning Parties And Events On Airbnb

Some time ago Airbnb announced that its new policy prohibits parties and events inside the host’s home. And all due to the fact that over time many incidents occurred in various properties. That’s why as you see in the title, this article it’s about why Airbnb is banning parties and events. As well as complaints from the neighborhood for extremely loud noises. All in order to make a responsible use of the facilities. But in the beginning it was not all like that. Before, it was up to the host to give permission to hold any kind of meeting or party inside his property.
It was in the wake of the pandemic that everything exploded. People seeing that they couldn’t stay in one place overnight. So they started renting Airbnbs for after-parties.

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That’s when they decided to ban any kind of party and event. And apparently this decision was very favorable in the community. Because the number of reported parties decreased by 44%. This made the hosts feel supported and safe to provide their services. But for the guests, the ban was not well received, since the younger people do not like the following policy: “If we become aware that a guest is hosting a party. That disturbs neighbors or gathers more than 16 people in an accommodation. We may suspend their account or expel them from Airbnb.”

Banning Parties And Events On Airbnb
Banning Parties On Airbnb
And all thanks to the pandemic. Cause that resource is still in force to prohibit the hosting of more than 16 people by Airbnb. But like everything, there are exceptions.
Several owners of huge places where you can accommodate more than 16 people. Can do it without any problem. As long as there are no parties, of course.
This also serves as peace of mind for the hosts, as they avoid damage to their properties. Besides that, Airbnb has damage insurance for up to $1,000,000. In case a guest suffers any inconvenienceon your property, among other things.

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