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How To Maintain Your Airbnb Pool

How To Maintain Your Airbnb Pool

If your Airbnb has a pool, you’ve already noticed that it’s one of the visual attractions that people look for when choosing where to stay. But as we all know, pools are not always 100% clean. We must always make sure they are in optimal conditions, because that can save us a lot of time and money. That’s why we made this little guide so you know how to maintain your Airbnb pool.

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To begin with, we must be sure which product we will use to disinfect the water. We can use chlorine (in tablets, granules or liquid). Bromine (ideal for closed pools, with warmer water, or directly for spas, jacuzzis). Or salt, which with the help of a salt electrolysis device generates chlorine.
Analyze further to know which type of disinfectant is best suited to the type of place where your pool is.
Now, before adding any disinfectant, we have to clean with a leaf cleaner all over the pool. If it is too dirty on the bottom and walls. We will need the help of a manual or electric cleaner.
How To Maintain Your Airbnb Swimming Pool
Maintain Your Airbnb Pool
If all goes well, we will need to take care of our pool until next time.
If you can’t maintain it in cold weather. You can leave it covered during the whole season. It is much better than emptying it completely. Since this way we save a lot of water.
In case your pool is portable, we will need to drain the water little by little. It is not necessary to get rid of it in one day. You just need to avoid stagnation for a long time to avoid mosquitoes. We recommend you to recycle the water. You can use it to wash the entrance of your house or to use it in the bathroom instead of flushing the toilet.

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