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Cleaning to celebrate thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that brings families closer together. A delicious meal and a good excuse to get together at its best, but, the task of planning it is not an easy one. Today Express Clean shows you how to cleaning to celebrate thanksgiving.

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cleaning for thnaksgiving

Cleaning to celebrate thanksgiving

1. Clean your kitchen

The first tip we give you to clean to celebrate Thanksgiving includes the kitchen. Clean your kitchen. The kitchen is not only the heart of your home, it is also where you handle the food that your friends and family will eat. For this reason, cleaning the refrigerator, surfaces, ovens, and dishes will help to avoid unpleasant moments.

2. Clean your floors

A clean floor will always make a good impression. Mop your floors before your guests arrive, so they will find it a pleasant place to spend their Thanksgiving celebration. Remember to use the right materials for your type of floor and if possible use a vacuum cleaner to remove lint.

thnaksgiving cleaning tips

Cleaning to celebrate thanksgiving

cleaning to celebrate thanksgiving

Cleaning to celebrate Thanksgiving

3. Make it smell good

For Thanksgiving cleaning, we recommend using fresh-smelling cleaning products. Use them in bathrooms and floors. In this way your house will always smell nice. You can also add scented candles to your centerpiece during dinner.

4. Ventilate the place

Before your guests arrive, you can open the windows and let the fresh air flow through your home. This practice helps drop viruses and bacteria and makes everything feel better. You can also dust surfaces using microfiber wipes or a vacuum cleaner. In this way, you will avoid any possible embarrassment to your friends and family.
clean up to thanksgiving

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