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How To Clean Your Electronics At Home

How To Clean Your Electronics At Home

We use our electronic devices every day, some more than others. This causes to always have bacteria and germs on them. To prevent most of the diseases that currently invade us. It is important that you learn how to clean your electronics at home. Performing this activity on a daily basis becomes a good habit besides the fact that cleaning reduces anxiety.
If you have the constant fear that you might damage them, don’t worry. Most manufacturers make their devices waterproof. And have special recommendations on their pages for proper disinfection. Based on those specifications, we made this guide.

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Clean our electronics with care

Before cleaning our cell phones or tablets, it is important to turn them off first. Then, remove the case and proceed to moisten the microfiber tissue. In 75 % ethyl alcohol or 70 % isopropyl alcohol. Wipe the entire screen area and then the back of the cell phone or tablet. Once we finish we will wipe with the lens cloth. This way we will avoid scratching our device. Afterwards, we can clean our case with the same procedure. To clean the controls of a console we can use a disinfectant wipe of any brand. Especially those that do not contain abrasive chemicals that can remove the color.
Learn How To Clean Your Electronics At Home
Clean Your Electronics At Home
Or damage the internal components of the control. Inside the joysticks we can use cotton swabs and compressed air. Another of the electronic devices that we use the most are headphones. They are one of the dirtiest after cell phones. To clean them correctly we must use the microfiber tissue in isopropyl alcohol. And for the interchangeable plastic covers. You can use a natural disinfectant such as apple cider vinegar. But you have to be careful because it usually has a strong odor.
We recommend you to check our What You Need In Your Cleaning Toolkit article. Where you can find more tools to do a proper cleaning of your devices.

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