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Order to clean your house

When we clean our house, we want to do it quickly, but what should we clean first? Today, the Express Clean team shows you the order to clean the house.

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1. Start with the tasks that run by themselves.

Starting your routine with the tasks that do yourself is the best way to continue with others, meanwhile. Start the dishwasher and the washing machine. This way, while the dishes and laundry are being done, you move other areas of the house forward.

2. From top to bottom
If your house has two or more floors, a good way to organize the task is to clean from top to bottom, that is, the upper floor first and then the lower floor. This concept also works for the cleaning of each room: start with the ceiling lamps, and furniture and finish on the floor.

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Order to clean your house

order cleaning your house

Order to clean your house

3. From the outside in
Another excellent way to establish a cleaning order is to do it from the inside out. Start with the bedrooms and bathrooms, continue with the kitchen, and living room, ending with the patio and the front of the house.
4. Organize and then clean
The best thing to do is to put everything in order first and put everything in its place, and then start cleaning. This way, cleaning will be much easier!
5. Cleaning Dust Before Floors
Cleaning the floor and then dusting the furniture can be a mistake because the floor will get dirty again. If you want to do things in the right order, dust first and then take care of the floor cleaning.

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