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The Best Way To Clean Your Dogs House

The Best Way To Clean Your Dogs House

Having a pet is not easy, it requires a lot of care. And being part of the family, they must have everything they need to have a dignified life. It is also important to take care of the hygiene practices. There are many ways to clean your pet’s habitat. However not all of them are the most recommendable for animals. Since there are some cleaning products that can damage your pet’s health. We wrote this article to show you the best way to clean your dogs house. You can also check our other post about cleaning tips for a home with pets.

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What you need
You will need a mixture of baking soda and a special detergent for pets. In this case it must be non-toxic because with this mixture. We soak the food and water bowls of our dog for about 30 minutes. Also, you need a broom or vacuum cleaner, a sponge, water and special liquid for pets that remove odors.
Deep cleaning and Disinfect
We can disinfect with a disinfectant sold in any pet store. But if you want to do something homemade and natural. You can start by cleaning the house with a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal parts.
Best Way To Clean Your Dogs Home
The Best To Clean Your Dogs Home

Wet a microfiber cloth and start cleaning from the inside out. Then we will need to scrub very hard with the help of a brush to remove the dirt. Once we do this, we must use special liquid soap to clean your pet’s habitat. And we continue scrubbing the walls and the floor of the house. It is important to mention that we must not leave any corner and space without cleaning. Since everything can be dirty and we do not realize it. Finally, rinse the entire surface with hot water until all traces of soap are gone. To dry, you can use the vacuum cleaner in reverse. It is important that after cleaning the house, you also bathe your dog. This will prevent it from getting dirty again in a matter of minutes. This should become one of your weekly activities.

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