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Tips To Give Your Airbnb A New Look

Tips To Give Your Airbnb A New Look

As time goes by, we get used to what we see until we get tired of it. That’s why we know that change is always a good thing. So we decided to make this post with the best tips to give your Airbnb a new look. We know that your guests will come back and feel as if it was their first time.
Transforming an Airbnb requires vision and willingness to make the necessary changes for a better service. But above all, that you feel comfortable with the result.

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This is the most important point because we need to know what we are going to do and the budget we are willing to spend.
Here we will be able to reorganize our spaces, move the furniture and the spaces we can modify.
It is also the time to change the pictures, lights or lamps. Where we need creativity to visualize the final results.
Furniture replacement
If the furniture did not match the look of the place. It is the perfect excuse to change them to the ones you have in mind.
Tips To Give A New Look To Your Airbnb
Give Your Airbnb A New Look

It is not always about buying, sometimes you can reuse your furniture and make some changes to make it fit. Like changing the covers or upholstering it with another material.

Change the floor, carpets or wood flooring
You can’t always change everything, but if you have the opportunity you can. Change the carpets for new ones that match your new furniture. Also the curtains, so that they stand out with the color of the walls. If your Airbnb has a modest touch, you can change the wooden floor or restore it to make it look harmonious.
Painting the walls
The paint you choose is the one that will give vitality, warmth or elegance to your Airbnb. Try to use warm colors that take advantage of natural lighting. Using neutral colors will make your rooms look more spacious. You can complement it with small paintings so that the perspective plays in your favor.