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Clean Your Airbnb Washing Machine

Clean Your Airbnb Washing Machine

Washing clothes in our washing machine causes it to get dirty. Especially if a significant number of people are constantly using it. Cleaning it at least once a month is very important to ensure its proper functioning. If you don’t know how to clean your Airbnb washing machine. You still have time to learn with the following post we wrote especially for you.

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Before starting
It is necessary to clear up some doubts, such as how often we have to clean our washing machine. The most advisable is to do it once a month. Everything will depend on the one you give it, maybe once a week or daily.
Many people also wonder why to wash the washing machine. And the answer is very simple, a lot of the dirt and grime that is on our clothes, ends up in the washing machine. Especially in the filters, when they are not changed often.
But also the amount of bacteria and mildew caused by letting the washer air for too long when it is wet.
Clean The Washing Machine Of Your Airbnb
Clean Your Airbnb Washer
Deep cleaning
We start by adding baking soda in the washing machine and detergent or liquid soap with a little water. You can start by scrubbing everything by yourself. And then turn on the washing machine and let it complete a wash cycle. If you think it is necessary, at the end you can use some disinfectant to clean inside the washing machine.
Try to dry well with a microfiber towel at the end.
Clean your filters regularly and disinfect.
For the outside, we will use a mixture of liquid soap and water.

With the help of a sponge we remove all the dirt from the surface until it is spotless. And we finish drying perfectly with a microfiber towel. Remember not to wet the outside of the washing machine too much as it can alter its operation. Especially in the part of the buttons and knobs.