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Prepare Your Airbnb For The Rainy Season

Prepare Your Airbnb For The Rainy Season

Rainy seasons have always been a problem for any type of business. But it doesn’t have to affect us directly if we take the necessary measures in advance. Obviously thinking about the image of our property. And above all for our guests to be comfortable and not have a bad time. So, what can you do to Prepare Your Airbnb For The Rainy Season?

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Check for leaks or moisture
It’s very important to be aware of leaks or humidity stains. Since this may be a problem that implies an urgent repair of our roof. Once you find the leak, it is necessary to clean the area thoroughly to avoid staining the surface. Or to prevent the appearance of fungus. Our main ally is to apply waterproofing all over the roof. This will prevent rainwater from seeping in.
Clean pipes and gutters
To let water flow properly and prevent it from seeping into our house. It’s important to keep our pipes and gutters free of leaves and debris.
Prepare Your Airbnb For The Storm Season
How To Prepare Your Airbnb For The Rainy Season

Especially if we are in a place surrounded by trees. You will need a ladder, some gloves, and a bucket to dump all the garbage. It is important to do maintenance at least once a year.

Doors and windows
These are the places where water frequently enters during the rainy season. That is why it is good to take safety measures to avoid accidents. For example, use insulation for doors and windows. Or sealants to plug leaks in case there are already some. Place anti-slip textures on exterior steps. And avoid placing any type of electrical appliances near doors and windows.

In times of storms, we recommend that you check the electrical wiring of the Airbnb. Very often fail and cause accidents when it comes into contact with rain. And use automatic shut-off switches.

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