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How To Clean Your Airbnb Kitchen Cabinets

How To Clean Your Airbnb Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the second place where we accumulate the most dirt. That’s why cleaning our Airbnb often is a good option. But sweeping and mopping is often not enough. Sometimes we need to do a deep cleaning especially in our cabinets. Because they are probably dirty enough with grease and dust. Even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, just by wiping them with a paper towel you will see that there are dirt residues. Here’s how to clean your Airbnb kitchen cabinets.

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Our kitchen is usually splashed with oil or grease. And the most affected places are the pairs and cabinets. This leads to thousands of dust particles and bacteria. When they become detached they can fall into the food and cause damage to the health of our guests.
Before you begin
First we need to remove everything we have inside our cabinets. Our recommendation is that you clear them all at once so that you don’t interrupt the cleaning if you do it one by one. In case you have dishes or glasses in your cabinets, try to protect them from dust and insects.
Clean the interior and exterior of your cabinets
We will start by cleaning all the remains of dust or dirt that we find inside them. We can use a small vacuum cleaner or a small soft bristle brush to remove excess dust and crumbs. Then, we will mix some liquid soap and warm water. With the help of some gloves and a microfiber towel we will remove little by little the grease. To clean the exterior of the cabinets. We will have to use the same soapy water to remove all the grease and dirt particles. You can also use a multi-purpose cleaner with grease remover. That is special for the type of material of your cabinets.

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