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How To Clean Your Airbnb Fish Tank

How To Clean Your Airbnb Fish Tank

Having a fish tank in our Airbnb is an incredible idea. It gives a more natural, vital and elegant look to your property. But it also needs a lot of care, depending on the amount of fish you have.
A clean fish tank is not only for aesthetic. It also helps to keep your fish alive and avoid putting the health of your guests at risk. since fish can transmit diseases if the tanks are not in good condition. That’s why we took on the task of writing this post. With the most important things you need to know about how to clean your Airbnb fish tank.

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Before you begin
The first thing to do is to remove our fish from the tank. It is important that before taking it, we must use gloves to avoid any type of infection. Then we deposit it in a place with enough water while we carry out the maintenance of the tank.
Saltwater and freshwater fish tank
To begin we will need to have our water ready to replace the water in the fish tank. A scraper of algae, also we can use a sponge of dishes exclusively for our fish tank. A small special vacuum cleaner to remove the gravel, water and sand.
And a filter in case we need to change the one we have. Before removing the water. We can take the opportunity to clean the algae and dirt that is stuck on the walls of the tank. Remember that you should try to do a deep cleaning so that the new water is not contaminated. Then we proceed to vacuum the water until the tank is completely emptied. After this we vacuum all the gravel and dirt that is at the bottom. Finally we proceed to add the clean water and our fish.
For the salt water it is practically the same procedure. The only thing that changes is to maintain the levels of salinity and ph precise for our fish. And let them acclimatize to the temperature of the water.

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