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Office Cleaning Checklist to Prevent Covid-19

Office Cleaning Checklist To Prevent Covid-19

Lately, a lot of jobs have shifted their ways to working from home but others do not have that commodity. Working is important but what is, even more, is being safe in your work area. Here we bring you an office cleaning checklist to prevent a Covid-19 Outbreak.
The two main focuses of keeping a place adequate to return to work are cleaning and disinfecting. You need to grab the necessary tools. Express cleaning services are great at this.

Get your tools first

  • Disposable Gloves. You are going to need these if you want to make sure you aren’t touching anything that might be infected.
  • A good mask. By this, we mean a mask that includes a respirator. They are great when you are cleaning as they offer good air circulation and protection.
  • Wipes or spray. Anything that will help you disinfect. Any of these two options is good and will get the job done.
  • Trash bags. You will get in contact with trash, either you like it or not. You can’t trust to leave it around your workplace so pack some bags in other to dispose of them.

Start Cleaning

You have your tools ready, time to begin. One of the best options, to begin with, is looking where people walk by frequently. If you can figure this out it will be easier to start the process. Focus on one place first and then another, that way you won’t be interrupted by others.

Look at where people gather the most and touch certain objects. Things like keyboards, phones, desks, they all need to be cleaned.

If there is a break room it has to be cleaned as well. A lot of people tend to meet there. Make it safe for everyone so they can continue enjoying it.

Clean at the end of the day and when you stop using an area. That’ll make the process faster and you’ll make sure the place is in top condition for the next day. It is a good practice just as some commercial cleaning aurora il services do it.

Keep disinfecting

Disinfection needs to be done carefully. The CDC recommends a lot of products and steps to do so. Some cleaning services aurora il companies are experts in handling all the products.

  • It is very important that if someone is helping you teach them how to use the products. By no means, you should combine some of them.
  • If somebody is infected you need to wait a certain amount of time before disinfecting.
  • Establish a plan for everybody. If you delegate tasks it’ll be easier to do the whole process. 

Last but not least, try to keep yourself updated with everything that the government says. It is important to know how the situation is changing. Maintaining safety is important in these moments, for yourself and others.

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