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Improve Your Airbnb Guest Experience

Improve Your Airbnb Guest Experience

We know how important it is for a host to keep their guests always happy. That’s why we took on the task of giving you some tips to Improve Your Airbnb Guest Experience. We are aware that to achieve that, it requires a lot of dedication and commitment. But that doesn’t mean it’s a difficult task. The first thing we must do is to get closer to our guests. Our differentiator has to be attention. We recommend you to leave a personalized business card. This will make your guests feel special.

Guests new to the city will appreciate it if you offer them a list of tourist and beautiful places to visit in the city. You can add restaurants, museums, parks, etc.
It is also important to put the recommendations of the day, a typical dish or dessert they should try.
A great differentiator are the souvenirs, for example: towels, soaps, water bottles, matchboxes. Al with the name of your service. This way it will be easier for the clients to remember it for the next time they decide to come back.
Another thing that is very important and that many go unnoticed.
Enhance Your Airbnb Guest Experience
How To Improve Your Airbnb Guest Experience
It is the same day cleaning service. Especially if you are one of those people who are always busy or who manage more than two airbnbs. This may be your best option. Whether your guest needs one to clean up the garbage and dirt from the night before or an accident. You can provide the number on a card together with the emergency services. Obviously make it clear that you need to be aware of the situation before anything else. You can also use Airbnb’s cleaning service, if you are a busy person and need to leave everything clean for your next guest.
Finally, don’t forget to leave a suggestion that if they liked the service. They should rate you positively on the app, this will help to provide a better service in the future.

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