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How To Disinfect The Mattress Of Your Airbnb

How To Disinfect The Mattress Of Your Airbnb

When we own an Airbnb, we know that many people occupy the rooms, including the beds. But we never think about all the germs and dust mites that live in the mattresses. That’s why today we’re going to talk about How To Disinfect The Mattress Of Your Airbnb.
Mattresses always contain an endless number of germs. Dead skin, insects, etc. that reproduce rapidly. Making it more than a place to rest, it becomes a place to contract dangerous diseases. Such as Lyme disease, caused by ticks. Respiratory diseases, caused by dust. And saliva residue, which contains bacteria. Without thorough disinfection, we run the risk of spreading them all over the place.

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So, how do we disinfect our mattress?
We will start by vacuuming the mattress, to remove all dead skin, hair and fur (in case you have a pet). This does not guarantee that it makes your mattress 100% clean.
To complete our cleaning we will need dish soap, white vinegar and water. Mix well and apply with a microfiber towel. We can also add a little hydrogen peroxide to the mixture to remove deeper stains from the mattress.
With an atomizer and the help of a sponge begin to carve for all the zones.
Disinfect The Mattress Of Your Airbnb
Sanitize The Mattress Of Your Airbnb

Remember also to do it in the corners and crevices of the mattress. Since that is where the insects commonly live there. We let it dry in a ventilated area and if we want to remove any kind of odor, we put some baking soda in warm water. Then with the help of a microfiber towel. We begin to clean the whole area that smells bad.
We let it dry again and let it get some sunlight. To finish, we inspect that it has been very clean and we put the bedding. For a more thorough cleaning. We recommend hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of this type of task.