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How To Recycle At The Office

How To Recycle At The Office

Cities generate large amounts of waste every day, so it is important to know how to recycle at the office, because we spend most of the day there.

Not all the ways to recycle consist of dividing garbage depending on the material they are made of, we can also do certain things to avoid the excessive use of products that affect the environment and pollute our workspace.

How To Recycle At The Office
How To Recycle At The Office
  1. Use a water bottle instead of disposable plastic cups.

Bringing your own recyclable water bottle to work is essential to avoid using disposable plastic cups, which produce millions of plastic waste that end up in the ocean every year.


  1. Batteries

Many of our electrical devices are powered by lithium batteries that can be recharged by connecting them to the mains. However, in the office there are still devices that need conventional batteries to operate, this leads to extremely high pollution that contaminates soils when they begin to deteriorate from rainwater. It is important that at the moment of discarding the batteries we avoid throwing them to the garbage, it is better to put them in a plastic container to avoid that it gets wet or mixed with the other garbage.

  1. Use paper towels responsibly

When we wash our hands, it is inevitable that we get excess water on them.  That is why we should let the water drain for a few minutes before using the paper towels, this will help to avoid generating more waste and demand of paper.

  1. Recycled paper

It is common in the office to generate large quantities of paper that go straight to the shredder. But you can still give them a second chance by using them to make draft documents or as a notepad. This helps to reduce deforestation.

With these tips of how to recycle in the office we can create a more organized and healthy work environment, and at the same time help the environment in these difficult times we are going through as a society.

How To Recycle At The Office

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