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Cleanliness And Mental Health At The Office

Cleanliness And Mental Health At The Office

As we well know, Covid-19 has been part of our daily life for some years now and this has brought with it a set of negative effects in our life. Also many topics of social interest emerged such as cleanliness and mental health at the office because our mental health was the most affected, especially in the work environment.

Fear, stress and worry are some of the symptoms that affected our peace of mind at work. Having to disinfect, constantly clean our hands and protect ourselves from someone coughing became habits that unconsciously affected the way we interacted with our environment and, above all, our performance

According to the World Health Organization, suicides increased in the first year of the pandemic because suicidal thoughts were generated in people. Many of them no longer wanted to return to their jobs for fear of becoming infected.

All this caused a series of events that catapulted people to take extreme measures such as buying cleaning devices, toilet paper and medicines in excess.

Fortunately, the cleaning services and doctors played a major role in changing the fate of the situation.

Over time, safety measures were strengthened with new information resulting in vaccines But the most important thing was to get workers to return and feel confident that they were in a cleaner work environment. More professional cleaning and disinfection services were contracted in companies and new protocols were established that are now part of our daily lives.

Cleanliness and mental health at the office
Cleanliness and mental health at office

Now that we are understanding more about how cleanliness and mental health at the office interacts with the pandemic, it is very important to stay confident and reassured that we are doing the best we can, and that it does not affect our performance at work.

Mental health and Cleanliness at the office

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