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How To Clean Paint From Your Office Floor

How To Clean Paint From Your Office Floor

When our office undergoes a remodeling, there are always some details that can see at a glance. Such as dust, glue or paint residues. We know how important it is to have an immaculate office. That’s why we wrote this post on How To Clean Paint From Your Office Floor, so your work area will look just right.
Different stains have different levels of difficulty depending on the paint. Whether it is acrylic (which comes out with hot water), or if it is oil-based paint, which will require a solvent. In either case, it will be easier to solve immediately when the paint is fresh. And liquid rather than when it is already dry. The type of floor will also be a determining factor. In selecting the most suitable cleaning method.

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Oil paint
The first things we need are: gloves, brush, solvent, microfiber cloth and spatula. With the help of the spatula proceed to scrape very carefully the paint from the floor. And remove the surplus with a brush. Then the advisable thing will be to humidify the rest of the stain with a solvent. You must leave it to act for some minutes and when you see that the paint has softened. Eliminate the stain with a humid rag, rubbing it with force, until removing it completely.
Clean Paint From Your Office Floor
Clean Paint Stains From Your Office Floor
Water-based paint
Perform the same scraping process with the spatula and the brush. Until you carefully remove as much paint as possible. Then you can moisten the area with water or alcohol to remove and dilute the paint remains. Remove the excess with a damp cloth and proceed to clean with warm water and mild soap.
By following these simple steps you will be able to remove the paint from the floor easily. In case you have any complications. We recommend you to hire a professional office cleaning service, so the experts can take care of it.

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