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Avoid Dust Mites In Your Office

Avoid Dust Mites In Your Office

Dust mites are small arthropods that feed on dead skin and are so small that they can hide easily. They can inhabit any space that benefits their reproduction. 
So that’s why you have to know how to Avoid Dust Mites In Your Office. Dust mites can become a problem over time. They are not parasites, however their feces are allergens and affect most people.

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So how do we avoid or get rid of them?
Dust mites live in carpets, armchairs, curtains, or any place with an acceptable level of humidity. And that helps them to reproduce massively in their 15 to 30 days of life.
To prevent them from inhabiting our work area. We have to replace our furniture with others containing materials such as leather. Clean or replace air ducts and avoid using carpets.
What to do if I already have dust mites?
It is impossible to be exempt from having dust mites in our office and in our home.
Prevent Dust Mites In Your Office
Remove Dust Mites In Your Office
Dust mites can jump on other insects. That is why we recommend you:
-Keep your work area clean.
-Steam vacuum carpets.
-Keep the curtains clean and dusted every day.
-Use special spider repellents.
If you think you have dust mites in your house. Clean your mattress, armchairs, replace your curtains with hard plastic curtains. Vacuum constantly and avoid humidifiers. Wash bedding every week. Avoid stuffed animals and any type of surface where you think dust mites may live.
In case you have pets, always keep them clean and use special shampoos for mites and parasites.
Remember to always use face mask when cleaning your office and home. Also, we recommend you to hire a deep cleaning service for your office. This will help you avoid problems such as allergies or asthma in the future.