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How To Clean Light Fixtures And Lamps In Your Apartment

How To Clean Light Fixtures And Lamps In Your Apartment

When we clean our apartment, we always make sure that everything is clean and tidy, but sometimes we forget how to clean the light fixtures and lamps, or we just don’t know how to do it.
Well, here’s how you can do it to complete your cleaning process.
The light fixtures and lamps are accessories that are designed to illuminate the apartment and places where we frequent at night, also serve as decoration because there are a lot of designs from elegant to the most conventional. The problem comes when we do not know how to give them a good maintenance.
To begin with, the lamps are simpler because they are found in places of easy access, we have to be sure that they are disconnected from the current to avoid any accident.
Remove the lamp cover (in case it has one), remove the bulb by unscrewing it, if it has excess dust we can use an old towel that will serve us but we must do it very carefully not to break the bulb, in case it is still hot we must let it cool before handling.
Once cold we proceed to moisten the old towel in water to clean the bulb, when we finish we must make sure that it is well dry before placing it again in the lamp.
For the light fixtures is a little more complex because we will need a ladder to remove all the lights in case there are more than one, for that we will need to repeat the previous steps, we must be sure to have disconnected all the lights and let them cool down, then we proceed to lower and clean them one by one. Many recommend cleaning them with toothpaste or isopropyl alcohol but it is advisable to change the bulbs for new and more efficient ones that help the environment.
As always, we recommend that you hire a cleaning service to have the experts perform these types of tasks for your comfort and safety.

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