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Tips For Cleaning Your Apartment Windows

Tips For Cleaning Your Apartment Windows

Keeping our apartment clean is not always an easy task, sometimes we do not have the time to do everything and we simply clean the important areas that we frequent the most every day, in the forgotten places we find the windows, that many times we don’t clean them because we don’t know how to do it, that’s why here we leave you some tips for cleaning your apartment windows.

The first thing we need to do is to get the following cleaning items that we need:
  • A bucket of water
  • Liquid soap
  • Vinegar with water or window cleaner
  • Sheets of newspaper
  • Old towel
Tips For Cleaning Your Dirty Apartment Windows
Cleaning Your Dirty Apartment Windows
To the bucket with water we add a little liquid soap and stir until we create foam. Then we submerge our microfiber cloth and squeeze out the excess water.
We begin to clean in a circular way all over the window, remember that by making circular movements we avoid leaving stains on our window.
Once we finish soaping our window, we proceed to use our old towel to clean the excess soap with water, then we apply vinegar or if you prefer the window cleaner that you can buy in any store, repeating the same circular cleaning process.
Once we are done, we take a sheet of newspaper and fold it to create a hard layer that we can use to clean the window with a little force, that will help when the liquid dries there will be no marks.
If you have the possibility to clean the window of your apartment from the outside, perform the same procedure, but first you will need to remove excess dirt or dust with a manual vacuum cleaner or a brush, this will prevent mud from forming when you apply the soapy water.
Now that you know these tips for cleaning your apartment windows, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning service as they have the necessary tools to be able to do this type of task.

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