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Clean Your Home Before Moving Out

Clean Your Home Before Moving Out

You’ve recently been thinking about moving or maybe you’re already in the process. It is important for you to remember one thing; there are many landlords who indicate in their leases that the space must be left clean before moving out.

It is for this reason that here is some brief information that will help you understand why it is important to clean the home you lived in before moving out.

The most common thing is that the landlord may have asked you for a deposit when you moved in, however, in order to recover the money that belongs to you, it is essential that you leave the place clean and tidy. Otherwise the landlord will use your deposit money to hire someone to take care of the cleaning.


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It is understandable that the landlord behaves in this way since there are many cases where tenants leave leaving the space dirty and deteriorated, with stained ceilings and walls, bathroom, doors and windows with defects; a complete disaster that has to be repaired to be able to receive the new tenants.

Beyond recovering your deposit, it is about being a grateful and correct person who demonstrates with facts that you have always been a good tenant. Leaving your old home clean and tidy is a sign of courtesy that will surprise your landlord, who will not only be willing to return your deposit but will be happy to recommend you.

What do you have to clean to leave everything correct?

  1. We clean the entire floor without leaving a trace of the material we use to pack our belongings.
  2. The walls are the places that get the dirtiest. That is why we recommend removing all the nails and screws and repairing the wall. Take the opportunity to remove dust and cobwebs from the walls.
  3. Remove grease stains from the kitchen that are produced by cooking. Leave the cupboards and utility rooms clean.
  4. Clean the outside of the house; sometimes the trees and the facade are in bad shape or just dirty.

All this will help the landlord or the rental company not to make any pretext to return the deposit money.


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We recommend you to hire a special cleaning service, as they will take care of leaving the house as good as new. And best of all, the cleaning service can provide you with a ticket that assures you that the house is clean.

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