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Clean Your Ceiling Before Moving In

Clean Your Ceiling Before Moving In

It has happened to all of us that when we arrive at a new place we like everything to be clean and cozy. Well, it’s the same thing when we move. You have to start over and it’s better to have a house free of dirt.
That’s why here we wrote an article thinking about you. And why you should clean your ceiling before moving in.

Having a clean ceiling has many benefits. You prevent germs and bacteria from spreading and getting into your lungs. Dirt stains will be less difficult to clean. Over time, they penetrate until they become impossible to remove.

Remove dirt and stains
With the help of a ladder and a feather duster, clean the entire ceiling. In the narrowest and most difficult to reach parts, we use a microfiber towel. This will help to remove cobwebs and dust.
To deep clean, we make sure to cover and move our furniture. Then, we pour warm water, liquid soap and a tablespoon of baking soda. We mix them together and with the help of a fiber towel or a paint roller, we clean.
When we finish and there are no dust residues or stains, we dry. We do this with the help of a microfiber towel.
Finally, we clean our fans and light fixtures. We remove the excess dust from the fans and clean them with the same solution we used to clean the ceiling. For the light fixtures, we first disconnect the power. We disassemble with the help of a screwdriver and remove the bulb.
Clean with a damp microfiber towel and let them dry before putting them back in place.
All these steps can you can do it at least once a month. This way you will avoid having to deal with bigger problems in the future caused by not cleaning your roof.

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