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Remove Sticker Residues Before Moving Out

Remove Sticker Residues Before Moving Out

What better way to make a house look like new than to clean all surfaces and walls. Especially if we are about to move out. But many times we forget to remove all traces of our presence. Like some stains on the wall or stickers. That’s why today we leave you a small guide to remove sticker residues before moving out.
There are many methods you can use to get started. But keep in mind that they are not always effective because they depend on how old they are and the surface.

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The first thing to try is to spray some alcohol on them. The alcohol will make the glue lose its consistency so it won’t be so difficult to remove. If it is on a surface like glass, it will be easier to remove it, but be careful not to leave it stained with the glue itself.
If it is a sticker on a large surface, we can use heavy duty adhesive tape. With its glue we can easily remove the sticker although it may leave most of the glue behind. To do this we will mix hot water with fret soap. Be careful not to burn yourself. For safety we can use some gloves and carefully moisten a small part of a microfiber towel in the hot soapy water.
How To Remove Sticker Residues Before Moving Out
Detach Sticker Residues Before Moving Out
Then we carve hard on the surface, if it is ceramic you can do it slowly but it will take much longer.
If the sticker has been stuck for a long time and any of the above tips works. Then we will use a little baking soda with cooking oil. Mix until make a paste and apply directly to the sticker. This may take a little time while the paste does its job.
After a few minutes, remove the paste with a microfiber towel or paper towel. You will see how little by little the sticker and glue will disappear. At the end, you have to clean the surface well so that there is no trace of oil.