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Tips For Packing Your Crockery

Tips For Packing Your Crockery

When it’s time to move, we worry about everything. Leaving the house clean, handing over the keys to the new owner or landlord. Changing or canceling utilities. And when we have to pack, we do it with little time and no care. Which can cause something to break along the way. That’s why we have created a small guide containing some Tips for packing your crockery. This way you can ensure an efficient move out.

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Packing wine glasses and crystal glasses

To start, we will need: cardboard boxes, bubble paper and sheets of newspaper. We know that for this type of moving, it is important to know how to place the fragile pieces. And that they do not touch each other. Separate each object and wrapped in a sheet of paper.
When placing them in the boxes, place the heaviest items underneath. Therefore, if you pack glasses and cups in the same box, we recommend that you put the glasses in first.
Before putting each piece in, place some crumpled paper at the bottom of the box to make a kind of support. Then insert each one vertically and then fill the empty spaces with paper.
Tips For Packing Your Tableware
Tips For Packing Crockery

Packaging dishes, pots and pans

Put newspaper on the bottom of the stand. Then, we wrap the plate with the paper, place another plate on top and cover it in the same way. For the pans and pots we can wrap them in bubble wrap, making sure they are well lined.
To put them in the box, place this pack of two wrapped plates vertically. And place the rest of the plates next to it wrapped in the same way. The pots in another box and the pans in the same way.
Fill the empty spaces with more paper and crumple it up to make it padded. Finish by taping the boxes with masking tape. It is important that you write with some marking the word “Fragile” to avoid putting the boxes under others. We recommend (for everything you no longer need) hire a hauling service to take care of it.