7 DIY Pet-Friendly Household Cleaners

7 DIY Pet-Friendly Household Cleaners

We all like a clean and tidy house, we want to return from work and be able to rest in a pleasant space accompanied by our loved ones, and of course, our pets. But are the products we use for cleaning our house harmful to our pets or are they pet-friendly instead ?

Some of the products we use to clean and maintain our space are highly harmful to our pets, especially cats and dogs. Damages can be minimized by keeping cleaning products locked or placing them in a place that is “unattainable” for them.

However, it does not matter how cautious we may be, somehow those little naughty ones can manage to eat or drink any of these cleaners.

That said, cleaning service Aurora-Naperville presents 7 DIY  pet-friendly  house cleaners that are safer for your pets and that will allow you to keep your house clean and free of toxic chemicals.

Vinegar and water: a pet-friendly all-purpose cleaner

Vinegar is excellent for wood flooring, tile, linoleum or vinyl flooring. It not only cleans the surface but also disinfects it deeply. It’s as simple as combining a liter of water for each cup of vinegar, then mop normally and let dry. The vinegar will bring an extra benefit to your floors by making them shine. You can also use a sprayer and apply it to your pet’s games.

Lemon and water: window and glass cleaner.

One of the best secrets of pet-friendly cleaning is the use of lemon. Simply mix 5 tablespoons of lemon juice with two liters of water, spray and clean with a microfiber cloth. Not only will your house be gleaming but it will leave an exquisite aroma throughout the space.

Baking soda: eliminates odors and deodorizes

This product is not only valuable, it is also very cheap. Baking soda helps you eliminate odors and freshen up your carpets. Just sprinkle a small amount on your mats, leave on for 15 minutes and vacuum. You can also use it safely on your dog’s fur.

Hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap and baking soda: Eliminates urine stains and excrement

To remove those horrible urine stains you should only mix 0.5 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Then add the baking soda on the stain and pour the previous preparation. Rub the stain and let the mixture act for 10 minutes, then vacuum.

Vinegar and baking soda: pet-friendly Carpet stain remover

Our little pet has stained the carpet. It is not necessary to panic. Mix two cups of water, two cups of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Spray on the stain and leave on for 5 minutes. Clean with a microfiber cloth.

Vinegar and salt: pet-friendly Brass Cleaner

Simple, cheap and very easy to prepare. Just moisten a microfiber cloth with vinegar, sprinkle salt on the surface that needs to be cleaned and rub gently. Rinse with water and dry immediately.

Dishwashing detergent and water: Marble cleaner

To clean your marbles, just add two drops of dishwashing detergent to 2 cups of water. Moisten a cloth and rub the surface gently. Remove all detergent residue using water and dry.

House cleaning Aurora, IL recommends  that next time you clean your home, don’t worry. Your pets will be safe and healthy with these pet-friendly cleaners. Visit us