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What does a Maid Service Do?

What does a Maid Service Do?

We currently live in a completely agitated world. And unlike the last century, in many current homes, both parents work all day. Consequently, cleaning and daily maintenance of the home can be stressful. For this, it is a fortune to get a maid service.

It is not just cleaning, it is a set of activities and responsibilities to fulfill (cooking, kids, full-day job, laundry, etc.) that it seems that the day does not have enough hours to do them.

If you really want to hire a service to be able to release a little workload at home, then hiring a maid service is your best option.

But what does a maid service do? What is the difference with a conventional cleaning service? What kind of products do they use?

Read on and you will discover the most common responsibilities and what to expect from a maid service.

It is not a home cleaning service

Although both services are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of our home, they are not exactly the same.

Cleaning Service Aurora explains that the main difference lies in the number of days the maid service will visit your home. The person hired as a housekeeper will be in your home 2 or 3 times a week, or the whole week according to your request. The person will complete daily cleaning tasks inside the home and the necessary cleaning products must be delivered.

Meanwhile, a home cleaner will clean your home in depth according to the service you hire. It can be by moving, by vacation rental or bi-weekly.

What are the duties of a maid service?

The tasks to be performed will depend on what you need. Generally a housekeeper is responsible for:

– Cleaning the bathrooms

– Dust, vacuum, sweep and mop the rooms of the house.

– Kitchen cleaning


-Bed linens and making the bed

– Clean the windows inside

– Organize the house

– Cook and perform some errands for the family, like buying groceries.