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Tips For Decluttering A Room

Tips For Decluttering A Room

Spring cleaning is upon us and it’s time to update those things we have lying around. Many things that we don’t use or need are in our rooms. This causes chaos and the truth is that we don’t need to come home and see a total mess. That’s why the experts have  for you some Tips For Decluttering A Room.

No matter what room it is, it’s time to take control of your home. It’s time to organize, clean and store. But relax, it doesn’t have to be all at the same time. Focus on a different room in the house each week.

It’s common for some rooms in our home to become a dumping ground for clothes, items, bags, old toys and so on! Total chaos! Regularly we want to close the door and never come in again.

Do you need more tips for decluttering a room?

Keep, get rid of, store

Yeah! Those are the three keywords you’ll need. Make three piles. Set up boxes and identify them with the words keep, dispose and store. Then sort each item into the piles according to what you want to do with it.

If you are going to keep something, make sure it is what you really need to have on hand and check at once where you are going to put it.

For storage, try to label the storage boxes and get plastic tape to close the boxes. Also, you can also donate things you don’t need anymore and free up more space.

The closet!

Oh yes, it’s time to get rid of the clothes you wore in 1976! Go through your closet and let’s be honest! What are we going to do with those jeans that don’t fit anymore? Donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore and open up some space in your closet. This also applies to shoes, handbags, accessories and whatever you have in your closet and drawers!

Tips For Decluttering A Room


Once your clothes are in the closet, organize them. A good idea is to organize them by color or style, so you know where they are every time you want them. Organize your underwear and sock drawers. But please!!! socks without a pair or with holes in them definitely have to go.

Home office

If you work at home, then keeping your study or workspace clean and tidy will keep you focused and help you find the papers and materials you are looking for more easily.

To achieve this you can use office organizers, which allow you to accommodate books, notepads, pens, pencils and a large number of work tools. If you do not have time, you can also request the professional services of Office cleaning Aurora.

Bookcases and shelves will help you keep everything in its place, while a weekly cleaning of the papers you no longer need will prevent the accumulation of garbage.

Dual-use furniture

Depending on the place where you want to place the furniture or its purpose, you can analyze whether it will serve to complete the look and as storage. For example, the nightstands in your bedroom or the coffee tables in your living room.

There is a lot of furniture that not only serves to place ornaments and other items on its surface but also to store other things, such as tablecloths, magazines or other personal items.

Get inspiration

Look for inspiration on the internet and in magazines to apply simple and functional hacks to change the look of your house, because after a good cleaning, this will help us to give life to our house and not to make it monotonous.

Once you have decided which spaces you want to change, put on some music, relax, and get organized! Every little change and investment in our home will always be worth it

Aurora Tips For Decluttering A Room

The broken, the old, and the unnecessary

It’s time to get rid of all the broken ornaments or accessories. All of them!!! Take your throw away box and put in it all those items that are broken or in very bad shape. This also applies to those very old, unrestored items that dust and dirt have damaged. .If you’ve had them in the attic or basement for so long then you don’t need them. 

Finally, get rid of unwanted furniture. Especially the ones you’ve had in the basement that have been gathering dust. Remember, less is more! By freeing up space your room will look better and bigger.

Decluttering a room is no easy task. That’s why we can recommend that you hire professionals. While you work, or while you rest, they can help you tidy up and clean your house. And it will be easier if you have help! Take advantage of spring cleaning and get rid of those things that have been sitting around for years