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Common Mistakes When Cleaning Your Apartment

Common Mistakes When Cleaning Your Apartment

When we clean we may think we are doing it right, as there is no exact guide on how to do it the right way. But there are common mistakes when cleaning the apartment that we can avoid. This will help us to improve our cleaning habits to make them more effective.
Wipe with the same cloth everywhere.
The same mistake we all make is to use the same cloth to clean everything. Our recommendation is to wash your cloth every time you use it or use one for different surfaces.

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Cleaning light switches or remote controls
We never realize that light switches and remote controls are the objects that touch our hands the most. That’s why they should always clean and disinfected.
Use different cleaning products at the same time
One of the biggest mistakes is to combine several cleaning products. You should avoid this at all costs. Their constant use can cause different health risks. Starting with the lungs, eyes and nose.
Dusters, far from helping, only spread dust everywhere. That is why it is better to opt for a damp cloth or a dry microfiber cloth to trap dust particles. You can also use a small vacuum cleaner instead.
Use a lot of water
Water is one of the main resources that we must take care of. And although we know that we could not do the cleaning of our apartment without it. It is important to use only what is necessary.
As extra tips, we recommend you to avoid water pressure machines to perform tasks with a bucket. This way you will only use the water you need. Avoid using atomizers directly on furniture or objects. It is better to spray directly on a cloth or microfiber cloth to obtain a more efficient result.