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How To Clean Your Pillows Properly

How To Clean Your Pillows Properly

When we clean our bed, we usually only change the bedding, or clean our mattress. But not our pillows and this happens because we only fit the pillowcase. Although it is not difficult to clean our pillow, it is necessary to know the correct steps to do it. That is why we took the task of making this post on how to clean your pillows properly. This way we will avoid ruining it and having to buy a new one.

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Feather pillow
There are different types of pillows. If yours is a feather pillow it requires special cleaning. These pillows stand out for their durability and softness. A fact that makes them the favorite pillows for many people. If you are one of those who have chosen a feather pillow, it is essential to know how to wash it.
It is important to read the label on the pillow to avoid damaging it. Use our washing machine to clean them as well as possible. Add special liquid soap for clothes and avoid powder soap. Since it could leave a lot of residues and cause allergies at bedtime.
Clean Your Pillows Properly
Learn How To Clean Your Pillows Properly

We can add some type of bleach as long as it does not contain chlorine. And avoid at all costs the use of softener, as it could ruin its consistency. When drying a feather pillow, you need to make sure that it is not too damp. If you see that there is still some moisture, you can squeeze the pillow with a towel. To do this, place the pillow between two towels and press it between them. This will allow the excess water to disappear.

Cotton or foam pillow
These pillows do not require special washing but they do require a good drying to avoid humidity.
Because of the materials they absorb a lot of water. You can wash them as usual and dry them in the washing machine. And then under the sun, so that the water evaporates completely. Always remember to fluff them so that they return to their original shape and do not lose firmness.

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